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What is Wards 365?

Wards 365 is an initiative and extension of its parent program Christmas in the Wards. For almost 30 years Christmas in the Wards has served marginalized communities throughout Chicago with food, clothing, technology gifts, necessities and gifts from Santa to thousands of deserving families.  Every year the spirit of the Christmas and holiday season reveals not only acts of kindness and generosity but that we have more that integrates than segregates us. In the wards across Chicago from south to west to north children wish for their hearts desires, parents and individuals strive for a better tomorrow, families work to support each other and communities navigate to reflect those values. The who, what, when and how may vary from ward to ward. But the why is ALWAYS the same.


What is the WHY? It's that EVERYONE MATTERS. Our fundamental human condition and experiences tells us so. Therefore it is our goal through Wards 365 to support equity, access and resiliency to the people, communities, and wards of Chicago throughout the year.

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